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Exhibition Resume


ShockBoxx "Dude Unmute Yourself" group show 4/2021

ShockBoxx "Thick" group show 3/2021

BG Gallery "Greyscale Wonderland" group show 3/2021

Gallery 825 "When The Quiet Comes," solo show 1/2021

ShockBoxx "Intergalactic Open II," group show 1/2021

ShockBoxx "SwordFight," 9/2020

BG Gallery "Endless Horizon," group show 9/2020

ShockBoxx "Word," group show 8/2020

ShockBoxx  "Astrid Found The Password," group show 7/2020grog

Gallery 825 "Out There," group show 6/2020

ShockBoxx "Don't Touch Your Face," 6/2020

Gallery 825 "Gleaming Apollo," group show 6/2020

Gallery825 "Petite Works," group show 5.2020

ShockBoxx "Irregularly Scheduled," group show 5/2020

Gallery825 "Seclusion," group show 4/2020

ShockBoxx "Not An Art Fai,r" group show 5/2020

ShockBoxx "Go! Figure," group show 4/2020

ShockBoxx "Love Hurts" group show 2/2020

ShockBoxx "AD66 Photo & Art" group show 1/2020

ShockBoxx "Intergalactic Open" group show 1/2020

ShockBoxx "Leftovers" group show 10/2019

Common Space LA "Hungry" group show 10/2019

CA101 "Funeral Party" installation 10/2019

Unita Club "Rotation" group show 9/2019

Gallery825 "Auction" group show 9/2019

Unita Club "Opening" group show 8/2019

FIN "Some Cat Coan Thing" group show 6/2019

Gallery 825 "Out There" group show 6/2019

Studio Channel Islands"The Next Big Thing" group show 6/2019

ShockBoxx "Dumpster Fire" group show 6/2019

Lancaster Museum of Art and History "Woven Stories" group show 5/2019

ShockBoxx "The Funeral Party After Party" solo installation 4/2019 

ShockBoxx + Asymmetric Magazine "Figments" group show 4/2019

ShockBoxx "The Funeral Party: SOLO SHOW 3/2019

ShockBoxx "Nouveau Bouge" group show 2/2019

ShockBoxx "Oh Hey Ed Ruscha" group show 1/2019

ShockBoxx  "The Miniature Show" group show 12/2018

Santa Monica Galleries "Mirrors of The Mind" group show 11/2018

ShockBoxx "The Usual Suspects" group show 8/2018

ShockBoxx "One Painting:One Night" solo show 8/2018

Gallery 825 "Hecho a Mano" group show 8/2018

BG Gallery "Spectrum Gestalt 5" group show 7/2018

CA101 group show 6/2018

ShockBoxx "Fun" 6/2018

Beyond The Lines "ArtUp4" 4/2018

Substrate Gallery/Asymmetric Magazine "Introspect" 4/2018

ShockBoxx "Hungry" 4/2018

Beyond The Lines "ArtUp!" 3/2018

ShockBoxx "Naked As A Daisy" 3/2018

Linus Gallery "Predator" 2/2018

ShockBoxx "Miniature Show" 2/2018

ShockBoxx "Power of Ten" 2/2018

Women's March "Resistance Art Area" 1/2018

ShockBoxx "ENOUGH!" 1/2018



ShockBoxx "C-Note" 12/2017

ArtShareLA "Mirrors of The Mind" 11/2017

ShockBoxx "Addiction" 11/2017

Beyond The Lines "Wow" 10/2017

Ashton Gallery "The National Show" 10/2017

ShockBoxx "Ed Moses: We Are Coming For You" 9/2017

Beyond The Lines "Moments Captured" 10/2017

ShockBoxx  "Shark Week" group show 7/2017

Gallery 825 “  Annual Auction”    group show   7/2017

ArtShareLA   “Perimeter Gallery”   group show   7/2017

ShockBoxx Project   “Off With Their Heads”   group show   7/2017

Gallery 825   “Vs.”   group show   6/2017

BG Gallery   “Spectrum Gestalt”   group show   6/2017

CA101   group show   6/2017

ShockBoxx Project   “Rescue and Release”   group show   6/2017

Permanent Installation   @Mike’s Guitar Parlor   2017

ShockBoxx Project   “Break the System”   Duo Show   5/2017

Beyond The Lines   “AbstractII”   group show   3/2017

LifeLab   permanent installation 2017

Hermosa Design   “Water&Wood”   group show   2/2017



Robertson Blvd.   “The Billboard Creative”   group show   12/2016

M1SK   “Hey Turkey”   group show   11/2016

Harmony Yoga   “Harmony2”   group show   11/2016

Christine Harris Curates   “Between The Notes”   group show   10/2016

Beyond The Lines   group show   9/2016

Hotel Hermosa   Permanent Installation   2016

Brother’s Burritos   Permanent Installation

SpyderFest   group show   5/2016

ArtShow   group show   1/2016


Harmony Yoga   “Harmony1”   group show   11/2015

Ego Gallery   “Hey Turkey”   group show   11/2015

Keep The Ban: Artists Against Big Oil    2/2015


Keep Hermosa Hermosa   benefit show   1/2015

Keep Hermosa Hermosa   benefit show   9/2014

Surfrider Benefit Show   2011

Surfrider Benefit Show   2010


Available at….


ShockBoxx Project Gallery

Beyond The Lines Gallery

Gallery 207


Cirque Blue


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